Acting Reels
Commercial | Legit Compilation

trt: 2:53 mins

Here's a mixta of my work in the world of; TV, film, commercials, webseries and live music.

Commercial Acting Compilation

trt: 3:39 mins

Here's a smattering of fun spots I've shot with stellar directors such as: Randy Krallman, The Perlorian Brothers, Theresa Wingert and Joe Pytka.


Here's a smattering of spots I've shot for prominent clients, such as Comedy Central, Dunkin' and Bank of America. Helmed by dynamic directors such as: David Shane, Randy Krallman, The Perlorian Brothers, Theresa Wingert and Joe Pytka.
Trulia "Look" :30

Agency: FCB

Director: Randy Krallman | Smuggler Films

Dunkin' Donuts "Triumphing" :15
Agency: BBDO Worldwide
Director: David Shane | O Positive Films

Publix "Dream Cake" :30

Agency: 22 Squared

Director: Paul Cade|Cohn + Company

Broad City Promo "Wedding" :30

Client: Comedy Central

Director: Matthew Silvestri & Auggie 

Bank of America "Partners Who Have the Power..." :30

Featuring actor/activist Matt Damon, doc filmmaker, Ken Burns  and designer Tory Burch.

Agency: Hill Holiday

Directors: Chris FinnWill Johnson|Gentleman Scholar

See me :10 secs in, amidst the projections saying, "To rid the world..." 

Verizon "Life Balance" :30
Agency: mcgarrybowen, Wieden + Kennedy
Directors: The Perlorian Brothers | MJZ
IBM "Computers" :30
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Director: Joe Pytka | PYTKA
Comcast "Internet at home" :30

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Director: Theresa Wingert| FIONA

Ohio Lottery "Schools" :30
Agency: Northlich
Director: Jamie Sterba
Mandela Day "Hands" :30
*I was cast as a hand model*

Client: The Nelson Mandela Foundation

Director: Matthew Badger| Epoch Films

Black History Month "Tribute to Arthur Mitchell :30

*I was cast as the VOICE OVER*

Client: BET

                         Director: Charles Stone III                          

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