On Set Photos

TV Commercial shoot:

Production company: Smuggler / Director: Randy Krallman 

Agency: Draft FCB

Starring: Malcolm Foster Smith (Husband) & Namakula (Wife)

Shot for 3 days in LA, campaign launching new house hunting app. Good times with my fake hubbie, Malcolm, (and our fake kids--who we really didn't work with, other than posing for the photo).

TV Commercial shoot with MJZ's The Perlorian Brothers:

Worked with spokesperson football player / coach icon, Bill Cowher.

"Homage to Billie"

This was a fun, little experiment. We were doing a test shoot for my print book and this look bubbled up, totally unplanned. Perhaps, the vibrant spirit of Billie Holiday was with us!


Photographer:   Monet Kitrell

Make-Up Artist: Christopher Milone