Height: 5'8"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown



NYU: Tisch School of the Arts:

The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute

The T. Schreiber Studio: Scene Study

John Dapolito: Scene Study, Script

Analysis & Private Coaching

Sally Johnson Studio: Cold reading


Classes / Workshops:

Monologue Prep: Paul Fouquet

Film & TV Audition Technique;

Marci Phillips

Gayle Keller

Jessica Kelly

Pat McCorkle

Ted Sluberski

Meghan Rafferty

Liz Ortiz-Mackes


Location: NYC & Beyond

Valid Driver LicensePassport

I LOVE to travel!

Film / TV / Web

The Daily Show (TV)                   Recurring            Comedy Central

Conan O'Brien (TV)                    Recurring            NBC Prod.

Creedmoria (film)                       Supporting         Lee Slimmer Prod.

Love Thy Nature (film)               Supporting         Carol Sylvie Rokab Prod.

Weekends In Brooklyn (film)    Lead                     Belle Isle Filmworks

Kate & Kula (webseries)            Lead                     MUSU, Inc.

The Groom (webseries)            Lead                      Videorinth

Bad Crooks (webseries)            Guest Star           Cheryl Tickly Cheeks Prod.


The NSU Monologues              Narrator              The Kraine Theater

Death In Mozambique             Lead                     The Cherry Pit Theatre

Four Gorn Conclusions            Lead                     The Riant Theatre

Horn (staged reading)              Lead                     The Manhattan Theatre Club

La Paloma Prisoner                  Narrator              La Mama Theatre

Pirate-Blues Project                  Supporting         The Lark Play Center



Dunkin' Donuts / "Triumphing"  Principal             David Shane - O Positive

RAM Trucks / "Parade"                  Principal              Gerard de Thame - Humble TV

Verizon / Bill Cowher                    Principal              The Perlorian Brothers – MJZ

EE Powerbar / Kevin Bacon         Featured             Gary Freedman – The Glue Society
Trulia /"Look                               Principal              Randy Krallman – Smuggler Films
Comcast / "Homework"               Principal              Theresa Wingert – FIONA

IBM / "Computers"                        Principal              Joe Pytka – Pytka Films

Publix / "Dream Cake"                 Principal              Paul Cade – Cohn + Company
KFC / "Family Dinner"                   Principal              Lisa Rubisch – Park Pictures                 

Nelson Mandela / "Hands"        Principal              Matthew Badger – Epoch Films




Improv, Teleprompter, Green screen  & ADR experience

Languages; English and Conversational Spanish

Accents; (east) African, (posh) Jamaican, British & French

Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Swimming, Snorkeling 

Freestyle & Salsa Dancing, Horseback riding

Hand, Hair & Print model, Pen twirling, writing inverted rapidly, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Bartending, Bass Guitar player

Licensed Driver; Car & Scooter, Valid Passport