Series & Music

I wrote, produced, directed, co-starred in and edited the dark comedy webseries, "Kate & Kula". A quirky, psycho-sexual comedy about two bestie pharma reps who try to navigate through their crazy lives--while being paid test subjects for a new drug that's intended to calm women with Type A personalities. But oh, those side effects...

Starring: Katie Hyde-Lewars & Namakula

I line produced, cast (NYC ep 1 & ep 2) and starred in the international webseries thriller, "The Groom", in the lead role of "Mary".

This was an innovative project, utilizing the same scripts for each episode, but shot with a different pool of actors in various cities around the world; London, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid and NYC.

This unique creation sprung from the brilliant talent of, Madrileño Writer / Dir. Álvaro Collar.

When I was a Rockstar, (a.k.a. Nasejje), I was the bassist / composer in the indie rock / punk band, Rebel Racket. I produced and edited

3 live performance music videos from our gig at The (original) Trash Bar. Rock out!

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