(An online 10 episode dark comedy webseries)


Long time friends, part time drug dealers, Kate & Kula are pharma reps hired to flaunt their goods, in order to sell their narcotic wares. K&K are bored and underpaid for all the late night dinners, hours of partying and proliferating cash filled envelopes, in order to entice sleazy doctors to push the barely regulated pharmaceuticals churned out by the Polanis Group.


To score some extra cash after pay cuts at work, K&K agree to be paid guinea pigs for a new drug, FEM A. A product designed to control women with "Type A" personalities, so that they may have "more success in the workplace".


But the side effects from the drug seem to be generating frighteningly, opposite effects...



(a dark comedy series, written pilot available upon request)


She's Young.

She's on Drugs.

And she's YOUR MOM!