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During my 2023 SAG-AFTRA candidacy for NY Local President, I was invited to be a guest on The Jimmy Dore Show. We discussed how the Covid-19 mandates have affected the lives and livelihoods of those who opposed them and my goals to course correct the discriminatory nature of the RTWA and long standing malfeasance within the union.

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The summer of my SAG-AFTRA campaign run, I was invited to be a featured guest on The Clifton Duncan Podcast. During this extensive interview, I had a robust conversation with the dynamic host, Clifton, also a fellow actor. We covered myriad topics on being a performer, discovering deep corruption within the union and fighting for human freedom at a time of looming tyranny.


I had the pleasure of being a guest on the socio-political, arts & science podcast, Savage Minds Podcast. Scholar / Producer Julian Vigo led a spirited discussion where we shared perspectives, experiences and ideas centered around the arts, Big Pharma, censorship, geo-politics, the pandemic and standing up for human rights.

I had a blast talking arts, politics, bodily autonomy and the pursuit of happiness with Joel Rafidi & Yerasimos, creators / hosts of Here For The Truth Podcast's spin-off, "Side Chat"

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Thanks to the digital magazine, CANVASREBEL🔥 for inviting me to share my journey. If my success and missteps can uplift others--then I'm truly living my purpose! 😉

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I was a featured talent in the online zine, VOYAGE TAMPA, highlighting my long standing career as a multi-media artist and part time resident in Tampa, Florida.

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My personal life and career path has been a deliciously diverse ride that I was happy to share when asked to be featured in an article for the blog, THINGS WANT FRIENDS TO KNOW, by writer Mimi Kyazze. ⚡Check out: 14 Questions We Asked An Actress 

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