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Hello, SAG-AFTRA Family! I'm Namakula, (nah-mah-koo-lah) and I'm excited to announce my run for NY Local President. I'm determined to restore fairness, diplomacy, transparency and most importantly, HUMANITY — back into OUR withering union. For too long, the integrity and strength of SAG-AFTRA has been compromised from the inside. After expressing my concerns to the current NY president, I was repeatedly dismissed. This compelled me to get more involved and commit to being an agent for positive change.  


As NY President, I will take action to root out the apathetic and corrupt players who’ve been enriching themselves at the expense of it’s members. (See the OLMS,  "SAG -AFTRA Disbursements to Employees", under Section 12.) I’ll work to take the politics out of our union and unite us as artists for change, not conflict. I’ll push for fair, just compensation and restoration of residual accreditation towards health insurance eligibility. And most importantly, I’ll work to cement doctrine that will protect and uphold freedom of choice and bodily autonomy, so that the inhumane, discriminatory practices imposed by the SAG powers-that-shouldn’t-be these last few years, will never happen again.  


Being a feisty, 1st generation American and daughter of African / Caribbean parents, I’m no stranger to challenges and embrace exploring the unconventional route. Outside of being an actor / producer and active union member since 1999, I have the unique position of having been a commercial editor for 15 years. I’ve supported and spearheaded ad campaigns with A-list creatives, production houses and Fortune 500 companies, within the US and Europe. 



insight on the inner workings of casting, producing, negotiations and the overall process behind the scenes of production and post. This has poised me to be a formidable candidate for NY President. I’m ready, able and welcome the challenge! 

Please join me in the fight to bring HUMANITY and UNITY back into OUR UNION! 👊🏽

As a result, I've gained invaluable 

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