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VO Coaching

Intro to the Wonderful World of 🎙️Voice Over

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Hi, I’m Namakula! A working NYC Actor, Voice Over Artist, Creative Producer and Casting Director. I’ve collaborated with some of the top ad agencies, directors and creatives, in major markets throughout the US and Europe. My diverse background in pre-production, production and post gives me a unique perspective of the craft of Voice Over and a deep understanding and empathy to the journey, challenges and the diligence needed to achieve one’s goals in this competitive arena.

Based on my 20+ years of experience in the industry, clients will get an overview of how to: find and/or enhance their unique voice, interpret copy, hone performance skills, navigate the ins and outs of the business, map out clear goals (ie: steady bookings, representation, etc.) and the steps to take to achieve them. Ultimately creating a fulfilling and successful VO career!

Notable VO Credits: REI’s “Force of Nature Campaign, Winner: Cannes Glass Lion (2018), Smirnoff Ice Triple Black Product Launch (2002-2003), Clinique Happy Perfume Campaign (1999).

Here, you can listen to more of my VO samples.

One-on-One: Private Coaching

Session time: 1 hour 15 minutes

In this introductory coaching session, you’ll get an overview of the craft and business of Voice Over. Since sessions are specifically curated and crafted based on the experience and goals of the client, a sliding scale applies. Range $175 - $300, per session. Discount applied to 3 session package purchases.

Note: Before booking, I’m available for a short, 15 minute exploratory call with any potential student, to get acquainted and answer any questions they may have to ensure that this is the right course for them.

Q & A. Days before our one-on-one session, you’ll receive a short questionnaire to fill out and return before we work together.

• Intentions and Objectives. Are you looking to build a VO career, improve an existing one, build up confidence in public speaking? What do you aim to get out of this initial class?

• Industry Overview. I’ll cover the different genres of the business, ie: commercials, promos, narration, audiobooks, etc., with the ultimate focus being on your area of interest. Supported by audio sample references of your preferred genre.

• Your Unique Voice. We’ll go over some vocal and performance techniques, then dive into the VO script. Copy will either be provided (the day before) or something that you bring that you’d like to work on. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to approach the scripts and work on interpretation, performance and delivery. You’ll receive feedback and re-direction, like in a real, supervised audition.

• Tricks of the Trade.  In this “WFA” (Work From Anywhere) culture, I’ll cover some of the ins and outs of setting up and running a home studio, common software and programs—and best kept secrets that will help save you time and money. 🤫 Hint: Location, location, LOCATION.

• In Summary: “AMA”. Wrapping up (last 10 mins), you can Ask Me Anything about the business of VO that may still be lingering.

• In closing. I’ll offer my assessment, guidance and suggestions for next steps.

• A recording of the session will also be provided.

Whether you decide to move forward with a VO career, keep it as hobby or put it into practice to hone your public speaking skills, just remember: There’s only one YOU— so shine your Light and make your VOICE heard!

BTS | A Day in the Life of a VO🎤 Artist


Ready to take the plunge? Great!👍🏽 Simply fill out the form below and let's begin your VO 🎤journey. Feel free to include any questions or details you think I should know ahead of time. 

Intro to VO: One on One Coaching

Virtual Course

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